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Steven Gerrard is my Father say Drug lady

Steven Gerrard is my Father say Drug lady

In the Isaan province of Udon Thani, Thai police apprehended a woman, identified as 39-year-old Jantima, at a petrol station on Prachak Sinlapakhom Road. Jantima, previously known for falsely claiming to be Steven Gerrard’s daughter on Thai social media last year, caused disturbances and frightened customers.

Authorities responded to reports of chaos at the PTT petrol station around 9:50 am. They found Jantima inside the women’s bathroom, dressed in a Liverpool shirt and black shorts, muttering to herself and refusing police instructions. She asserted she had come to the station to study chemistry.

According to the petrol station attendant, 23-year-old Wissanu Khan-apha, Jantima frequently caused disruptions, including dancing on the sink in the women’s bathroom. Suspecting drug use and mental health issues, Wissanu urged police to intervene to prevent harm to the station or its patrons.

When questioned, Jantima indirectly responded, inquiring about the purchase of methamphetamine tablets. Subsequently, she underwent drug testing and a mental health assessment at the police station. Authorities also planned to investigate her living situation.

Jantima’s history of drug abuse came to light, with a notable incident in August of the previous year when she attempted suicide under the influence of Yaba by setting fire to her rented room. Despite the attention drawn to her situation, particularly her false claim about being Gerrard’s daughter, she remains a recurring figure in local disturbances.

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