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Update: Spider-Cop Saves Woman’s Life

Spider-Cop Saves Woman’s Life

A quick-thinking policeman was hailed a real-life Spiderman after climbing between balconies to save the life of a suicidal woman who had taken an overdose.

Police officers rushed to the apartment blocked after being alerted that a resident was unconscious in her room located on the second floor in Chachoengsao, eastern Thailand on Monday April 15 afternoon.

The team knocked on the room but there was no response, so they asked the room owner next door a permission to investigate through the balcony.

Spider-Cop Saves Woman’s Life

Police colonel Yuthana Suramorn risked his life and slowly inched his way along the ledge to reach her room, where it was also locked from the inside.

Suriporn Dungkhokkruat, 39, was seen lying unconsciously before the ‘Spider Cop’ decided to break the glass door and carried her into the ambulance to Plaeng Yao Hospital.

The female factory worker was saved after medics pumped her stomach.

Police Captain Khajornsak Thalerngpong, the chief of the rapid deployment police, said that the team later inspected the room and found an empty bottle of an unknown medicine on the floor.

He said: ‘’The pills were scattered all around the floor which clearly indicated that she had taken many of them until she collapsed.

‘’The reason for the suicide attempt is not yet known but we are going to question her as soon as she has recovered.’’

The chief also praised his partner for his dedication to saving a civilian’s life.

‘’Yuthana is being admired for acting quickly to climb up to the rear balcony. She wouldn’t have been alive if he didn’t do so,’’ he added.

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