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Spice Up Our Lives

Spice Healthy Lifestyle

Spice is the Key to our Healthy Lifestyle

As we enter the “cold Season” here in Thailand, the Ministry of Public Health has outlined a few interesting little spice pointers to make sure we all survive. Now as a foreigner from UK living here in Pattaya/Bangkok, to me, the weather is most definitely not what I would describe as cold however, my better half won’t leave the house now without a long sleeved top on.

I do believe that further up North in Chiang Mai for example, it is around 18/19 degree Celsius at the moment. Still not what I would describe as cold, but I can sympathize with the Thais’ who are obviously more accustomed to warmer weather.

So thankfully, Dr. Kriatiphum Wongrajit, ministry spokesman for the Ministry of Public Health has given his top tips. The first and most important, you may have guessed already, is chilies, and we all know how the Thais’ love their chilies.

Spice Healthy Lifestyle

He went on to explain that cool temperatures may cause illness and the spread of flu viruses. He also indicated that since January of this year, 160,000 Thais were infected by flu with 43 deaths resulting.

Spicy food, along with adding ginger, kaffir limes, lemon grass and galangal root to your diet will help improve your circulation.

He also finished by adding that cutting down our alcohol intake will also have its benefits, but surely that’s a load of pie in the sky, right?

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