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Son jailed for life for beating dad to death

A son who murdered his dad in a ‘ferocious, brutal and totally unforgiving’ attack has been jailed for life.

Neil Badrock was still kicking Neil Farrington’s head when the police arrived and shouted ‘I will f***ing kill you’.

The 28-year-old claimed he was acting in self-defence against his dad following a 10-hour pub crawl in May last year.

Neil, 51, had gone to the Mainbrace pub in Kirby, Liverpool, to try and calm his son down after he was thrown out.

He caught up with his son on Kirkby Row shortly after 11pm, telling him ‘I’m f***ing sick of it, I’ve put up with it for 20 years,’ before pushing him.

Security cameras show Badrock falling to the floor before getting back up and headbutting his dad.

Prosecutor Guy Gozem said: ‘Plainly what Neil Badrock did to his father has nothing to do with self-defence. What he did was in one sense tragic – a son killing his father.

‘But it was, you may conclude, ferocious, brutal, and totally unforgiving, going on as it did for such an extended period.’

Son jailed for life for beating dad to death on night out in 'senseless attack'
(Picture: Liverpool Echo)

Witness Rebecca Alger burst into tears in court when she relived the harrowing 999 call she made that night.

She remembered Badrock ‘bashing’ his dad’s head on the pavement next to her front wall and the noise it made, before he began kicking and stamping on him.

Ms Alger said he started to walk away at least two times before returning to continue his attack.

Badrock, who works as a gym maintenance worker, tried to claim his dad had grabbed him by the throat and pinned him against a wall, leaving him struggling to breathe.

After headbutting his dad, Badrock said he ‘blacked out’ and told the jury he ‘just didn’t realise’ what he was doing’.

He said: ‘I feel sick, I have now lost a dad and it is devastating. It is devastating what I done. I can’t believe I have done that to my own dad.’

Badrock was sentenced to life in prison with a minimum of 19 years after the jury convicted him of murder last week.

In a statement, Mr Farrington’s siblings said: ‘This past week has been especially harrowing and heartbreaking for my whole family as each day we have had to sit through Neil Badrock’s trial for the cowardly, brutal and totally senseless murder of his own father and our much loved and much missed brother Neil Farrington.

‘We will never forgive Neil Badrock for taking our brother from us in this way and for the devastation and heartbreak he has brought to all our lives.’

Detective Superintendent Helen Bennett said: ‘Neil’s family have struggled to come to terms, not only with his death, but in the manner in which he died and the subsequent arrest of his son. 

‘Their devastation has been further compounded by having to hear the graphic details of what happened that night played out in a courtroom.

‘I hope that today’s verdict will give them some sense of closure and allow them to finally move on and grieve the loss of a loved one.’

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