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Somchai Can’t Take His Eyes Off Coyote Dancer

Somchai Can’t Take His Eyes Off Coyote Dancer

This is the hilarious moment a reveller was transfixed by a pretty coyote dancer at a country fair.

The farm worker was attending the outdoor music show where the young woman in hot pants and crop top entertained visitors in rural Sisaket province, northeastern Thailand.

One of the musicians caught sight of the middle-aged man staring at the dancer, Prangtip Kanchanaphant, 23, seemingly entranced by her moves.

When fellow party-goers went to check the man was OK, he still didn’t move his eyes.

The amusing footage was captured by the band’s guitarist, Arnin Phataraphan, who said the man might have never seen a pretty dancer before.

He added: ”This is the first time we’d been here. It’s not unusual for someone who works out in the fields in rural provinces never to have seen a sexy coyote dancer before.

”We have Prangtip as a dancer, as part of the band, to create a party atmosphere.

”This man was amazed by her. I think it was love at first sight.”

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