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Solutions to be discussed in wake of bloggers “damaging” coral

Solutions to be discussed in wake of bloggers “damaging” coral

Yesterday, a news segment appeared on just how many tourists overcrowd the country’s delicate marine parks — and laid out solutions being considered by the government.

Appearing in the wake of a viral story in which two bloggers posed on coral, which they claim they only thought were rocks, the news addressed how excessive numbers of tourists are damaging fragile coral and ecosystems.

Channel 7 reported that 8 million foreigners and 900,000 domestic tourists visit the country’s seven designated marine parks annually.

The damage occurs mainly when too many boats moor in one area, wastewater is not properly dealt with, and tourists are unaware of how they cause damage.

Recently, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation had a discussion with tour operators to come up with solutions for overcrowded beaches in Phuket, Phang Nga, and Krabi.

They suggested that the parks introduce an advance booking system, so there are never too many tourists there at one, more islands and beaches be promoted so that a few famous ones don’t have to handle all the tourists, guides should be better trained about how to protect the environment and taught to inform visitors on how to snorkel and what to touch and what to avoid.

source: Coconuts

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