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Smokers at HOME can now be charged with DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

From tomorrow morning smoking at home in Thailand can leave you vulnerable to claims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE.

In yet another clampdown on personal freedoms and liberties the Thai government are bringing into force a new law, quietly adopted earlier in the year, that allows legal action to be taken against smokers in their own homes.

The law makes provision for smoking to be considered a case of domestic violence that intentionally harms the health and safely of others living in, or visiting, the same residence.

Whilst not quite being a smoking ban it does encourage family members, guests or close neighbors to file complaints at a family protection center, which will then be passed through to the justice system.

The penalties for those found ‘guilty’ have not been disclosed.

The 2019 Promotion of Development and Protection of the Family Institution Act was originally announced during May and made public through the Royal Gazette, for those who were paying attention.

It is part of a new range of anti-smoking measures introduced during recent years intended to tackle smoking-related health issues that have been enforced with undeclared results.

In reality it provided any visitor to a smoker’s home a chance to make a complaint of domestic violence and a clear claim for compensation.

We have been warned.



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