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Small businesses continue to pour OUT OF PATTAYA

Small businesses

Small businesses in Pattaya are continuing to close down and move out of town, with one long-timer sharing her story across social media.

The woman shared her story after fifteen profitable years in the seaside resort town and claiming it was now time to leave Pattaya as it is impossible to find customers.

She is not alone as the exodus, back home to the north, continues every day.

The business-woman shared that Pattaya had given her 15-years of ‘good memories, money a car and a house,’ although she did not reveal which line of business she was in.

Now, however, with the foreigners gone and the city deserted she has decided to pack up and move to a different province.

‘Leaving Pattaya was my last option,’ she wrote. ‘I will always be grateful that it has given me a home and a car and enough money to take care of my family. I really don’t want to leave but it is impossible to stay here. The economy is so bad! I feel like I will cry just typing about it. Brothers and sisters who are continuing the fight, know that I wish you good luck and keep fighting. Byebye Pattaya”.

With that she jumped into the van and was gone. Never to return -perhaps?

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