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Slap the Bad Guy

Anyone who has been in Thailand for any length of time will have definitely seen it before. The dreaded “finger point”. The finger of shame, as the Thai’s like to refer to it, they just can’t get enough of it. I’ve never fully understood the concept or reasoning behind it myself. It’s almost like they have to point to show us what to look at, just in case we didn’t already know.

But anyway, it’s how they do things so who am I to judge, although, one young Thai lady thought that the finger just wasn’t enough recently. Oh no, she felt the need to give the suspect a good slap just to make sure we knew who the bad guy was.

Not only that, but she did it in full view of the cameras and media, during a police conference. The victim claims that she was badly injured, and almost raped during an incident which took place at a party on December 9th.

The suspect, a 24 year old Thai man, strongly denied this and says that they had been building a nice relationship over the previous 2 months, until the incident occurred.

Take a look at the full video on our Facebook Page: Pattaya One Media Group

Not a bad shot if you ask me.

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