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Sky News slam Thailand’s road safety record

Sky News

A damning and long documentary style report into Thailand’s appalling road carnage is airing repeatedly on the UK’s Sky News.

In a largely accurate report that documents the issue from many angles the reporter says: “The bodies keep mounting up on Thailand’s roads”.

It speaks of Thailand having some of the worst accident statistics on earth and questions how the authorities can seemingly control the coronavirus pandemic but can’t cut deaths on the roads.

A tearful Thai woman talks about the devastating injuries to her young daughter.

A rescue foundation worker talks of the unwillingness of his compatriots to follow road rules.

Others talk about drink driving and the lack of helmets.

The daily death toll average is put at 62 though this is quite a conservative estimate.

The yearly deaths are put at 20,000 plus – a figure accepted by the government though accident prevention groups put it at 24,000 to 26,000 annually, notes Thaivisa.

People in the report talk about the penalties for infractions being too low.

A man who collects motorcycle helmets of the dead is interviewed; he also has a tragic child’s doll.

A policeman speaking in English says that he does not accept bribes.

The damning report concludes with a man hosing down what appears to be blood on the road. – ThaiVisa

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