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SIA stewardess shows what working on an aircraft is like during Covid-19

SIA stewardess

We all know that much has changed since Covid-19 happened. Working from home, wearing a mask, having to do SafeEntry scans everywhere, the list goes on.

For airline stewardesses, they now have to grapple with even more things to do and take note of when they are working in the aircraft. In a video posted on the Singapore Airlines (SIA) Facebook on Tuesday (Nov 10), stewardess Nur Surya invited viewers to join her on her flight to Frankfurt and us a glimpse of all that now goes on onboard, behind the scenes.

The first thing she has to do after reporting at the control centre is to collect a pair of goggles. “In addition to the surgical masks, crew are now required to wear the googles in-flight,” she shares. 

PHOTO: Facebook Screengrab/ Singaporeair

Another new item on an SIA stewardess’ in flight to-do list? Arranging care kits, which contain a face mask, hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipe, alongside earphones for passengers in a trolley.

PHOTO: Facebook Screengrab/ Singaporeair

Once the flight takes off, the usual onboard announcements will be made by the in-flight crew, though now there are additional Covid-19 related announcements, such as: “In view of Covid-19, adjustments have been made to some of the services on this flight for your well-being.” As the flight is to Frankfurt, the same instructions have to be repeated in German too. 

PHOTO: Facebook Screengrab/ Singaporeair

Other duties mid-flight that we are shown on video include spritzing and wiping down the common areas such as the bathrooms, as well as meal service, where the stewardesses are pictured wearing disposable gloves before serving passengers their breakfast.

PHOTO: Facebook Screengrab/ Singaporeair

One of the perks of being an airline crew that we were always envious of was the ability to explore a foreign country whenever they fly. 

This is no longer the case though, as Surya shares from her hotel room in Frankfurt that she will be self-quarantining in for the entire time she’s in Germany. “This is also another step taken to reduce any risk of exposure, protecting myself and everyone back home in Singapore,” she says.

Promotional video aside, SIA appears to be taking no risk when it comes to ensuring their members and passengers stay safe. And it seems despite the extra duties and responsibilities, the crew is glad to be taking to the skies again. 

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