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Shocking Moment 4ft Snake Pulled From Woman’s Throat

Shocking Moment 4ft Snake Pulled From Woman's Throat


Shocking footage has been shared online showing the moment a four-foot snake was pulled from a woman’s throat. I s*** you not.

An unnamed woman from Russia had to have the lengthy serpent removed after it reportedly slithered into her mouth as she slept in the yard of her home, in Levashi village, Dagestan.

After beginning to feel unwell, the woman was rushed to hospital where doctors placed her under general anaesthetic and got to work yanking out the little blighter.

In the clip, the young patient can be seen lying on a table while doctors insert a long tube into her mouth. Moments later the reptile is pulled, tail first, out of her mouth.

As the snake is removed, you can hear an audible gasp from those in the room.

The doctor is heard off camera saying: “Let’s see what this is.”

A female medic then takes hold of the snake as it is pulled out and jumps back startled, with medical staff screaming, before dropping it into a bucket.

It’s not clear as yet what type of snake it was, how long it was in the woman’s body, or whether it is still alive.

Locals claim there have been other cases of snakes slithering inside people's mouths while they sleep. Credit: East2West News
Locals claim there have been other cases of snakes slithering inside people’s mouths while they sleep. Credit: East2West News

The Ministry of Health in Dagestan, a mountainous republic bordering the Caspian Sea, is also yet to make a comment on the bizarre case.

Locals say such incidents happen infrequently but advise warn people of the dangers of sleeping outside because of the risk of snakes slithering inside their mouths.

Some people who commented on the video claimed that it was not a snake but, in fact, a parasite or giant worm.

But this unlucky woman isn’t the only one to get a nasty surprise in recent weeks.

A woman in Florida was horrified to peer into the washing machine to find that the item she thought was a snake print garment was actually a real-life python.

Emily Visnic, from West Palm Beach, told CBS12 News that she had just come home to her high-rise apartment after a run, and decided to go and check on her laundry.

Looking into the machine, she clocked what she assumed was a piece of clothing with snake print material, and reached in to grab it.

It was then that Visnic realised she was wrong. So, so wrong.

Inside the washing machine was actually a living python, which is probably one of the last things she expected to find in there.

Visnic still has no idea how it got into her laundry room, but was thankfully able to call her apartment maintenance to have the reptile removed.

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