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Shirtless thug punches woman to ground and beats her(video)

A woman was punched in the face and beaten to the ground by a shirtless man during a vicious attack at a gas station.

The victim was filling her car with fuel in Gardena, California, when a stranger pulled up in a car behind her, calmly walked over to her and then proceeded to pummel her with a succession of punches.

The horrific, ‘unprovoked and random’ attack was filmed by a surveillance camera at the gas station, and footage from it shows the moment the woman was assaulted.

Her attacker pulled her hair and even slammed her head against the concrete during the incident, according to police.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department has said the unnamed woman suffered ‘severe injuries to her head and face’ in the attack on May 30, and required treatment in hospital.

After landing a barrage of punches on the woman’s head the suspect was surrounded by a group of onlookers, who led him away from his floored victim.

The assault lasted for over minute and happened in broad daylight.

After receiving treatment in hospital the victim is now recovering from her ordeal at home.


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