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She just called you a b**ch’

A young woman has called out workers at a nail salon for making ‘derogatory’ remarks about her in Vietnamese when she was getting a manicure.

The English-speaking woman, from Sydney, claimed she decided to take her Vietnamese boyfriend along to her next session so he could decode what workers were secretly saying after having an inkling.

‘I always thought the ladies were talking derogatorily about the customers but had no proof,’ the woman said in a Facebook post.

‘I convinced my boyfriend who speaks some Vietnamese to come along and get a manicure for the experience,’ she said.

Much to her shock, her boyfriend managed to translate what the workers said.

‘Anyway, my boyfriend quickly swivels towards me “babe, she just called you a b**ch…” omg they’re calling everyone b**ches! She just said to the other lady “this fat b**ch wants her toes done”,’ she said. 

She added: ‘We were going to wait until the end for him to let on he understood what they were saying.’

The woman said she was supposed to get her nails painted with a ‘conditioning coat’ before getting SNS Nails but the worker ‘skipped’ the step.

‘So I very politely pointed out that she was skipping the nail prep and she turned to her colleague and started saying something in Vietnamese,’ she said.

‘My boyfriend turns and tells me she’s saying she doesn’t want to do this b**ch’s nails! I’m so offended, I was very polite when they were trying to get away with doing less than what I was paying for.

‘I was nicer than I should have been if anything. So cue boyfriend in flawless Vietnamese: “Is there a problem here?”

‘Well her face just dropped in wide-eyed shock.’

The woman said the employee looked ‘panicked’ when she realized the man could understand every word they’d said.

‘No one should be treated that way whether they understand or not,’ she said.

‘I’m pretty sure they will keep behaving that way so to all the lovely people questioning what the staff are saying, they are insulting you, you aren’t being paranoid.’

She clarified that not all nail salons behave this way, adding she has been treated in a ‘friendly and professional manner’ at other stores.

After sharing her experience on social media, many quickly shared their horror stories after catching retail workers ‘b**ching’ about them in their own language……moline

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