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She didn’t see that coming

She didn’t see that coming: Jilted husband hacks off his love rival’s PENIS and stabs him to death for having an affair with his fortune-teller wife in Thailand

A jealous husband chopped off his love rival’s PENIS and stabbed him to death after he found out his wife was having an affair in Thailand.

Amornrak Jitkoh, 45, was furious after discovering local policeman Jumrus Doljue, 57, had been sleeping with his fortune teller wife, Nai

Amornrak Jitkoh, 45, was furious after discovering his fortune teller wife, Nai, wanted to leave him for local policeman Jumrus Doljue, 57.

He admitted hacking off his penis in a jealous rage and throwing it in the fire before fleeing on his motorcycle.

Jitkoh first set fire to Mr Doljue’s car outside his house in Kalasin, in the north east of the country on Saturday to lure him out.

He then pounced on him with a knife and repeatedly stabbed him.

Jitkoh told a police press conference: ‘I cut off his penis because of my anger.

Jitkoh torched Mr Doljue’s car outside his house in Kalasin on Saturday to lure him out

‘I stabbed him many times, cut his penis and threw it in the fire then ran to my motorcycle and escaped.’

Police later found the victim’s mutilated body with his penis hacked off and 23 stab wounds to his neck and body.

Officers traced him to a nearby restaurant  on Tuesday and arrested him as he calmly ate a bowl of noodles.

Jitkoh smirked as he confessed to the brutal murder. He said his wife, a fortune teller, had refused to end the affair and had asked him for a divorce.

At a police conference, he said: ‘I suspected he was having affair with my wife since November 2018.

‘Then on February 2019 my wife asked for a divorce.

‘We still lived together until we had a fight last September that caused her to move away to her family’s house, which I later discovered was next to the official residence for police officers.

he was arrested eating noodles at a local restaurant after officers found his victim’s body

‘I went to talk to her but she still refused to stop her affair with the policeman so I went and talked to him. He was not willing to stop seeing my wife so I killed him.’

Police Lieutenant Genaral Charoenwit Srivanich said the murder was a consequence of ‘problems in the domestic relationship.’

He said that Jitkoh had confessed to charges of murder and he would be remanded in custody for a court date to be set.

Jitkoh (pictured in custody with a crash helmet on) confessed to murder after his arrest

He said: ‘This was a brutal killing and the suspect has confessed to charges of premeditated murder, arson and being armed in public.

‘He will be interrogated again and taken to the scene for a re-enactment before the legal case continues.’


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