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Shamed into action by the power of the “Farang Finger”.

The authorities in Pattaya have been shamed into action by the power of the “Farang Finger”. It’s a welcome start to cleaning up the City but how long will it last…

A tourist pointing to a mass of trash outside a temple and near a market in South Pattaya finally prompted the leaders at City hall to do something after months of inactivity.
Not only was the trash collected but heavy duty bins are promised and collection times have been increased.
Thai Rath reported that environmental officer Suthee Thapnonghee was on the scene instructing his minions in another important task – telling the traders at the nearby market where to deposit their trash in future.
A timely excuse for the rubbish was found, however.
The fruit season with all its extra rubbish was blamed for the presence of the trash that was even blocking the road outside the temple of Wat Chaiyamonkhon. RT – EP

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