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Seventeen-year-old caught in Thailand with drugs worth US$3.12m

suspect, who allegedly worked as a courier for a major syndicate, was found carrying a bag with 4,000 methamphetamine pills and three kilos of crystal meth.

A 17-year-old was arrested and methamphetamine pills, crystal meth, ecstasy and ketamine worth around 100 million baht (US$3.12 million) in all seized at an apartment building in Bangkok’s Lat Phrao district.

Illicit drugs of various kinds worth about 100 million baht were found in these packages at an apartment room in Lat Phrao district, Bangkok, on Wednesday night.

The young suspect was caught outside an apartment building.

They said the youth’s arrest followed an investigation which found a major drug syndicate was operating in Bangkok that provided drugs for clients in Chatuchak, Lat Phrao, Kannayao and Min Buri districts and nearby areas.

The trail led to the young suspect and the apartment building.

The youth was shadowed and eventually detained in front of his accommodation with a bag containing 4,000 methamphetamine pills and three kilogrammes of crystal meth.

A search of his apartment room found around 8.6 million speed pills, 37 kilos of crystal meth, 2,822 ecstasy pills, 38 kilos of ketamine flakes and 569 bottles of liquid ketamine, worth at least 100 million baht in total on the streets.

The suspect allegedly confessed under questioning that he had worked as a courier, delivering drugs to clients, for two months and was paid 10,000 (US$312)-20,000 (US$624) baht for each delivery he made.

He was drawn into it by a high school friend, but had himself never been involved with drugs.

All drugs had been smuggled to Bangkok from the North, police said. Investigators believed the room had been used to store drugs for at least a year.

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