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Serial Killer Rose West Features In True Crime Docu-Series Making A Monster

Rose West

Serial Killer Rose West Features In True Crime Docu-Series Making A Monster

Looking for your next true crime fix? You’re in luck, as a new docu-series is set to hit the small screen, and the first episode focuses on sinister serial killer Rose West.

With a title that borrows heavily from one of Netflix’s most popular true crime shows, Making a Monster is an eight-part series that delves into the background of notorious serial killers – and the psychology that leads someone to carry out some of the most heinous crimes in British history.

The series sees interviews from leading forensic experts and psychologists about their own insights.
Meanwhile, in the very first episode – set to air tonight (10 February) – viewers will learn about Rose’s background and how she came to become a violent and ruthless killer, alongside her husband Fred West.

According to a synopsis from the Crime+Investigation channel: “She was in many respects the more frightening, volatile, sadistic and passionately wicked half of ‘Fred and Rose’.

“As Dr Richard Walter, a forensic psychologist featured in Making a Monster puts it, the two fell into a ‘shared psychosis’.

“‘Meeting Fred was the catalyst for Rose becoming a killer,’ Dr Walter says, ‘but she already had a lot of potential.'”

Without going into too much detail, Rose had a very disturbing upbringing right from the off, which manifested itself even during her early years.

“Certainly, a glance at her childhood reveals a tale of almost gothic grotesqueness,” adds the description.
When she was just a teenager she met Fred, ten years her senior, who continued to pursue Rose until she agreed to marry him.

Rose became the guardian of his daughter Anna Marie and stepdaughter Charmaine, both of whom were physically tortured, and the latter eventually killed, by Rose.

Fred’s casual reaction to his wife’s treatment of the girls is what likely led the pair to descend into sex and violence, turning their home – the now-infamous Gloucester ‘House of Horrors’ – into an unofficial torture chamber.

The couple were eventually arrested in 1994 when police found human remains and apparent signs of torture in their home.

Although Fred killed himself in prison after being jointly charged with nine murders, Rose remains at New Hall jail in Wakefield.

As one of the few female killers to receive a life sentence in the UK, Rose to this day denies any involvement with the murders.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the case, you’re in luck – the first episode of the series airs tonight at 10pm on the Crime + Investigation channel.

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