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Scooter rider strangled by ‘HANGING WIRES’ in Bangkok

Scooter rider strangled by ‘HANGING WIRES’ in Bangkok

Another motorcyclist has fallen victim to Bangkok’s infamous hanging wires.

Phachorn Bunyathisanon or “Mot” aged 30 was going down Issaraphap Road to a market where he was a trader in the early morning hours.

The next his mother Jitra knew was late morning when doctors called from Sirirat Hospital to say her son was dead from blood loss and lung problems.

He had a 6-inch gash on his neck.

Friends discovered that he had been following a truck that was transporting a backhoe that brought the wires down.

He became entangled and was thrown from his bike suffering strangulation and head injuries.

The driver of the truck has apologized and offered 20,000 baht as an initial payment.

He said he would go to the temple of Wat Yai Sri Sawan to apologize to the corpse – a Thai tradition in such circumstances.

Bangkok Yai police are investigating.

Mum Jitra said that Mot moved back in with her after his marriage failed.

He supported her and his sick seven-year-old sister

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