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Resorts on Koh Lan may be dismantled

The Pattaya marine office has vowed to take action against the operators of 39 resorts that encroached into the sea on Koh Lan off Pattaya if the court approves it.

Ekkarat Khantharo, director of the Pattaya marine office, said on Saturday that although the island in tambon Na Klue of Bang Lamung district was a popular tourist destination which generated a large income for Pattaya, many resorts there had encroached into the sea.

Since strict enforcement of the law against sea encroachment had proven difficult and affected traditional ways of life of the local people, the NCPO issued an order in 2017 to exempt from punishment those who had built structures for residential purposes and other non-commercial uses prior to 1994. The order also applies to other similar areas in the country.

The Marine Department has been empowered to decide which structures should be exempted under the order.

They found 39 privately owned resorts which have not shared their spaces with local residents, said Mr Ekkarat.

The office already notified the operators but is giving them some time to appeal.

Mr Ekarat said the office had filed a suit against those resorts 1-2 years ago and the case was now being considered by the Supreme Administrative Court.

His office would comply with a court order, he added.


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