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Residents in Na Jomtien concerned about fireworks, Beach enroachment and noise pollution

residents na jomtien pattaya one Feb 7 2024

In a recurring issue that has been reported multiple times over the years, residents of Na Jomtien have expressed their concerns about various problems related to encroachment onto the beach, noise pollution, fireworks, and late-night bars. These concerns have been brought to the attention of Thai media, the police, and local government officials.

While the issue has been resolved in the past with joint efforts from local officials and law enforcement, it has not resulted in a permanent or long-term solution, according to concerned citizens in the area. The specific location under scrutiny is the end of Jomtien Beach, which falls within the jurisdiction of Na Jomtien, under Sattahip authorities and not Pattaya. This area is near popular Thai seafood restaurants.

In recent years, the beach in this area has been expanded to address erosion that had nearly wiped out the sand. Although local residents are pleased with the new beach and welcome visitors, they are worried about the negative impact on the quality of life for the thousands of residents living in nearby condominiums and tourists staying in hotels. This area has traditionally been considered a quieter nighttime location, especially when compared to the bustling Pattaya Beach.

Additionally, the area is serviced by only one narrow road with limited lanes. Although proposals to expand the road have been made, the current infrastructure is unable to handle significant traffic. According to concerned citizens, there are multiple issues plaguing the area, including nightly large-scale fireworks disturbing residents’ sleep, bars operating past the legal closing time of midnight (unlike the 4 AM closing time in Central Pattaya), some establishments placing furniture on the beach, which has been forbidden by officials, and overall noise and litter pollution.


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