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Man Dubbed ‘Real-Life Terminator’ Beats Up Seven Men On Club Dancefloor

A violent scene from Terminator came to life at a club in Russia when one man unexpectedly took on seven men – with brutal consequences.

CCTV footage from a nightclub in Russia has shocked the Internet after a lone man knocked out two men that bumped into him, and beat up another five afterwards.

The incident happened in the early hours of last Sunday morning in nightclub Studio Private Place on Karl Marx St, in the south of Moscow.

As a result of the attack, two of the men seen in the video ended up needing treatment in hospital for serious injuries.


It’s been reported a 23-year-old man is said to have fractured his skull,while another 20-year-old man is said to be receiving treatment for injuries to his face and head.

The footage all kicks off with a seemingly innocent moment when two men bump into each other on a pretty packed dance floor.

The man subsequently dubbed ‘Terminator’ quickly turns around and punches the other guy, seen dancing with a group of friends, in the face.

When a smaller man intervenes and pushed the ‘Terminator’ man the fight really kicks off – another friend of the smaller man tries to pull them apart but is then punched himself and knocked to the floor.

Things swiftly begin to get extremely messy, as more bystanders become involved in the ruckus.

The attacker carries on, knocking out a third man who falls next to the first.

It doesn’t end there: the fight moves on to a seated area where a fourth and fifth man are attacked after trying to intervene.

As the minute-long clip continues and the punches rain down on anyone who gets in the ‘Terminator’s way, a sixth man is punched and subsequently knocked onto the sofa.

The nightclub brute has the seventh man cowering after he had tried to intervene but ended up being punched repeatedly.

In a dramatic ending, the man simply turns and leaves the club.

As the viral clip picks up more viewers, people have commented on how the ‘Terminator’ man himself is punched, but just gets back up in a curiously unaffected fashion – definitely mirroring scenes from the 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger film.

The nightclub hasn’t commented on the serious incidentbut Russianlocal media have reported the ‘Terminator’ man could face up to eight years in jail for viciously assaulting the seven unsuspecting men.

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