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Rare ‘water-snake’ tornado caught on film in Mexico

This “water-snake” tornado has been filmed cutting across a menacingly dark cloud.

The natural phenomenon was recorded by an onlooker in the village of San Martin de los Piramedes, in the north of the central Mexican state of Mexico State.

The footage, which was later shared online, shows a menacing tornado swirling up high into a menacing cloud.

The tornado does not reach the ground but instead cuts across the cloud and was reportedly visible for 15 minutes after suddenly forming in the sky.

The weather phenomenon which locals refer to as “water snakes” are formed when pockets of cold and hot air meet.

The tornado was accompanied by heavy rains and powerful gusts of winds.

The Mayor of the village, Francisco Robles Badillo, confirmed that nobody was injured but some damage was done to property and infrastructure.

There were reports of 25 fallen trees and damage to ten residential buildings, including laminated roofs being torn away and in one case a fallen tree crushed a parked car.

Civil Protection units, reinforced by state and municipal police, were deployed to deal with the damage and restore order as power cuts caused the traffic lights to fail.

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