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Rare Thai stamps highlight World Stamp Exhibition

Rare Thai stamps highlight World Stamp Exhibition

The Thailand 2018 World Stamp Exhibition opened on Wednesday, November 28 in Bangkok. Eurseree Collectibles is holding an auction of rare and unique items that will surely draw bidders from all of Asia, and quite a few from other parts of the globe. These stamps come from not only the Thai postal service, but also from within the palace walls of the Chakri Dynasty.

Some of the items, such as Lot 398, art work was used to set the design before the actual printing of the stamp. The original master, hand crafted composite essay of H.M. King Rama VII was by the British Printing firm of Thomas De La Rue. It is dated 1927 and is almost identical to the final design approved for issue.

The catalog description notes that over the years the stamp has acquired a few scratches as well as the reputation of “an excessively rare exhibition item. Unique and magnificent.” Starting bid for Lot 398 – 420,000 Thai Baht/11,052 Euro.

An 1880 stamp from the reign of H.M. Rama V is from the internal workings of the Royal Family and is categorized as a Private Palace Local Issue. Siam’s first stamps were printed in 1883 and these Local Issues served as postage within the royal compound before that time.

Lot 95 is of H.R.H. Crown Prince Maha Vajirunhis, the “First Crown Prince of Siam.” As well as a sought after philatelic item, the Prince is important historically as he was the first son of H. M. Rama V Chulalongkorn and H. R. H. Queen Savang Vadhana. Born in 1878 he was elevated to Crown Prince of Siam in 1886, a departure from tradition as H.M. Rama V chose his young son for the post rather than one of his brothers, a more common practice. Sadly, the Prince died at sixteen years of age before he could realize his full potential – a victim of typhoid fever.

Other members of the Royal Family are also featured on the Private Palace Local Issues available at the Exhibition auction. Starting bid for Lot 95 – 20,000 Thai Baht/526 Euro.

When is an error the correct stamp to bid on? When it’s a rare and unique pair of a world-famous errors caused by a double surcharge on a 1902 “Battambong” Provisional. In very fine condition, this stamp will be desired not only by collectors of rare Thai stamps, but also those who exhibit their stamps and are looking for items that may be exceptionally scarce. This particular pair hasn’t changed hands for 26 years, so we will be sure to see some spirited bidding on Lot 198. Starting bid on Lot 198 – 300,000 Thai Baht/7,894 Euro.

Come join us on the 5th Floor of the Paragon Mall anytime through December 3rd to enjoy the exhibits, stamp sale booths, and special events of this very special international stamp event!

For more information link on to the Exhibition internet site at

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