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Ranger injured by insurgents in Narathiwat

A ranger was reportedly shot and severely injured by suspected Muslim insurgents between Narathiwat’s Ranger district and Chanae district on Friday morning.


The ambush by five or six insurgents in the Taweh hills led to a gunfight between the group and a team of rangers for about 15 minutes.

The ambush happened at about 6am while members of Company 4107 of the 41st Ranger Regiment searched for a group of insurgents allegedly led by Muhamad Shader.

Somsak Klatjhong, 43, said he spotted hiding insurgents and was raising the alarm as he was shot in his left hip.

The team radioed for backup and the insurgents fled.

Somsak was taken to Chanae hospital and then Sungai Kolok hospital.

The regiment said it dispatched two teams to pursue the insurgents.

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