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Range Rover Driver Spirited Away From Accident Scene

At 5.30am, on the morning of November 3, Pattaya police received reports of a Range Rover speeding along Naklua Road before slamming into a parked truck outside the Pla Thong seafood restaurant.

The heavy impact cause the vehicle to slid out of control for two-hundred meters before halting.

Forty-two year old eye-witness, Mr Suthat Sithong, was having breakfast a road side cafe at the time of the crash and he rushed over to help the driver, who he described as a ‘slim, Chinese looking man, in his early twenties, and who appeared to be drunk.

Soon afterwards a Toyota, with a Chonburi license plate, arrived, picked up the driver and sped away from the scene.

Nobody appears to have been injured although police captain Sitthawat did say that the driver ‘could be receiving medical treatment somewhere. ‘No one was injured in the incident, police captain Sitthawat said adding that the driver could currently be seeking medical treatment somewhere.’

‘We haven’t found him yet. Probably he will show up soon,’ he said.

He then said that police are checking the license plate in an effort to establish who owns the vehicle and if they were driving it at the time of accident. ‘Whether this is a case of hit-and-run, we need to question witnesses first, reporters should not give too much publicity to the incident.’

He went on to say, ‘The media should not publicize this news yet. Sometimes the press’ coverage of criminal cases has negative effects.’

Fleeing the scene of a car accident is illegal under section 78 of Thai traffic law, which carries a maximum penalty of three months in prison.

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