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Rabies out of control, official Thai stats ‘untruthful’


RABIES OUTBREAK in Thailand is far from being under control, a medical expert has warned, even though official statistics from the Livestock Development Department show a declining rate of rabies infection.

Prior to World Rabies Day, Livestock Development Department director-general Sorawit Thaneeto yesterday said most rabies infection control goals had been met, while the number of rabies-positive cases in animals were also decreasing.

Taken together, the figures signified satisfactory progress in the government’s efforts to eradicate the disease, said Sorawit.

A joint operation between Livestock Development Department and Local Administration Department has since last October vaccinated 8.39 million dogs and cats nationwide, and has already surpassed this year’s goal of 8.24 million animals.

This marked good progress in disease control efforts, said Sorawit, adding that the number of provinces with continuing reports of rabies infections had been reduced to 20.

The number of new rabies infections in animals was also decreasing, and the infection rate this month was below the same period of last year, he said.

The rabies infection monitoring system also reported that positive rabies cases were found in 54 out of 77 provinces of Thailand, with Surin having the highest disease prevalence.

The rabies outbreak was still active in Saraburi, Chonburi, Samut Prakan, Chaiyaphom, Nakhon Ratchasima, Buri Ram, Yasothon,

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