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Python dips its head into canal to have a drink of water

A thirsty python was seen sinking its head into a canal to have a drink of water.

Passing drivers noticed the snake’s unexpected drinking session near Mae Hia Fresh Market, in Chiang Mai on Tuesday January 8, 2019.

They said the snake was about ”two metres long” and looked refreshed after slurping the water and moistening its skin.

Motorist Sudthiphong Tongkay, who first saw the snake, said: ”I was on the way to a restaurant and found its tail on a ground with its head under the water. I didn’t realise that it was the python at first.

”I never thought that snake would show itself in a daytime and it would live around this area, which is full of concrete and buildings.”

Sudthiphong reported the sighting to the emergency services because he was ”worrying about people’s safety”

A snake catcher volunteer eventually arrived at the scene and relocated the python. It is thought that the python had been living near the river for several months and officials said they had received numerous sightings.

Writing online, one local said: ”I remember I have seen it try to cross an intersection one night. It was very dangerous to both the snake and human. I’m glad the officer finally put him in the right place.”

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