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Putin ‘running out of missiles’ because all the parts are made in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin is said to be running out of missiles, tanks and aircraft, because the parts they rely on are made in Ukraine.

The engines of Russian military helicopters and key components for warships, cruise missiles and the majority of the nation’s fighter jets are all made in Ukrainian factories, the Telegraph reports.

The factories, which also produce parts for tanks and ground to air missiles, no longer supply Mr Putin’s army.

Earlier this week Moscow said it would reduce military activity near the Ukrainian capital and the northern city of Chernihiv.

Russia said the withdrawal would help increase trust at peace talks, however, the claims have been met with scepticism.

Ukraine and its allies have warned that the Kremlin is not de-escalating to promote trust but instead plans to regroup and restock as it shifts its focus to Ukraine’s Donbas region.

It is also feared that the fresh assault will target the already heavily attacked port city of Mariupol, which could be used by Mr Putin to bring fresh arms into the country.

However, sources who spoke to the Telegraph said the Russian miliary’s current stock levels were ‘pretty bad’, following Mr Putin’s failure to capture Ukraine as quickly as he had expected.

A man walks past a burnt armoured personnel carrier near buildings destroyed in the course of Ukraine-Russia conflict in the southern port city of Mariupol, Ukraine April 1, 2022. REUTERS/Stringer
Russia has said its retreating from Kyiv but there are fears it may only be to launch a fresh assault on the Donbas region (Picture: Reuters)

The army is also understood to be running low on arms following five weeks of sustained bombardment of Ukrainian cities.

As Russian troops have withdrawn from Kyiv they have left behind dozens of abandoned tanks.

The T-72 battle tank is one of the Russian army’s main armoured vehicles but, parts for it are understood to be manufactured in Izyum, an eastern Ukrainian city that Mr Putin’s forces have failed to capture.

Throughout the conflict, reports have circulated of Ukrainians capturing Russian tanks or taking out the armoured vehicles with drones.

Open-source intelligence estimates suggest that Russia has lost at least 2,000 tanks and armoured vehicles, although true figures are suspected to be higher.

This aerial picture shows burned Russian armoured vehicles in the outskirts of Kyiv, on April 1, 2022, amid Russian invasion of Ukraine. (Photo by Ronaldo SCHEMIDT / AFP) (Photo by RONALDO SCHEMIDT/AFP via Getty Images)
Burnt out Russian armoured vehicles in the outskirts of Kyiv, on April 1 – Russia is believed to have lost thousands of tanks in the war (Picture: Ronaldo Schemidt/ AFP)
A Ukrainian soldier shows to photographer a Russian document next to a burnt Russian tank outside of the village of Mala Rogan, east of Kharkiv, on April 1, 2022, amid Russian invasion of Ukraine. - Ukrainian forces on March 28, 2022 recaptured a small village on the outskirts of Ukraine's second-largest city Kharkiv, as Kyiv's forces mount counterattacks against a stalling Russian invasion. Members of the Ukrainian army were clearing and securing destroyed homes in the settlement of Mala Rogan, about five kilometres (three miles) from Kharkiv, after pushing out Russian forces. (Photo by Sergey BOBOK / AFP) (Photo by SERGEY BOBOK/AFP via Getty Images)
A Ukrainian soldier next to a burnt Russian tank outside of the village of Mala Rogan, east of Kharkiv, (Picture: Sergey Bobok /AFP)

It is also believed that Russia will be unable to restock its Kh-55 cruise missiles, which are launched from the air and have the ability to carry nuclear warheads, because they too rely on imported components.

The Kh-55 is used by Russia, China and Iran, and uses an engine manufactured in Kharkiv, senior defence sources told The Telegraph.

Western sanctions imposed on Russia mean Mr Putin is also unable to buy arms from France, which has supplied millions of pounds worth of equipment to Russia since the invasion of Crimea in 2014.

While reports suggest Russia is running low on arms, Ukraine’s resources are being bolstered by its allies.

To date, the UK has supplied almost 4,000 next-generation anti-tank weapons (NLAWs) and Javelin anti-tank systems, alongside anti-aircraft missiles.

It has also been reported that the British designed Starstreak missile has been used by Ukrainian forces to shoot down a Russian helicopter.

Starstreak is an advanced high-velocity missile that destroys targets using three laser-guided darts and was supplied to Ukraine by Britain in March.

The Ministry of Defence has declined to comment on the reports.

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