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The problems between minibus business

The problems between van business 

At Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi
[@Tawan Tour] Posted Video Clip

You act like you are a Big man, and claim to be a policeman But really you are not! 

A moment earlier before I took my phone out to record you, you were shouting and swearing, why don’t you continue now I am filming?

If you really are the big man that you think you are, you would continue

And by the way, your pickup zone is not over here this is our zone, you don’t have any right to be here, why don’t you respect the rules?

And once you stop to pick up your passenger you still don’t make a move right afterward. You can’t just stand and wait for the next customers

You know from the meeting that all the members paid the same, 3000 baht per month, which means we all should have the same rights

Go back to your area Gate no. 4 this is our area Gate No. 3.

Source: tawan.tour.1 Clip-คลิปดังเฟสบุ๊ค




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