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Policemen caught on video beating suspect

Policemen caught on video beating suspect

A citizen who was standing above a police car in front of Lak Song Police Station captured a video showing the policemen beating up a suspect wearing a white shirt with his hands handcuffed behind him. The video is about 2.49 minutes long posted with the caption “There is a good citizen who doesn’t want to be named (For personal protection). #please help share, policemen beating suspect 4:1 at Lak Song Police Station.

The video shows a man wearing a white shirt sitting in the back of a police truck with his hands handcuffed behind his back. One of the policemen walked to the suspect and slapped his face, then another policeman used a black stick to repeatedly hit the suspect’s leg. They dragged the suspect down from the truck, another policeman then kicked the suspect’s stomach. The rest of the policeman dragged the suspect into the police station.

Most of the Netizens agreed that violence is not a good solution, even for criminals. Police Colonel Artwut Niwatsopon the Superintendent of Lak Song Police Station reported that the police received notification from citizens about a man on drugs acting out inside the Bun Pradit Temple.

When the police arrived, the man resisted the arrest and kept on fighting the police and while on the way to the police station, the man kept shouting at the police with terrible words. The suspect also kept spitting on the policemen sitting with him. When they arrived at the police station, the policemen must have decided that they had enough.

Police Lieutenant General Kampanat Soppodorn the Commander of the Metropolitan Police Division 9 has ordered the 7 policemen to be transferred. If the investigation proves them guilty, then they will face legal prosecution accordingly.

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