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Police search for identity of murdered woman

Police search for identity of murdered woman

Chinaman confesses, but doesn’t know her name

A Chinese national, identified only as Yuan (an alias), 38, has confessed to the murder of a Thai woman allegedly after they fought over sex. He did not know the woman’s name, nor was any of her identification found at the scene.

The woman’s bloated, naked body was discovered after the smell leaked out into the hallway Oct. 5 from a rented room on the 35th floor of the Supalai Mare Pattaya Condominium on Thepprasit Road in South Pattaya. The woman appeared to be 30-35 years old. Forensics determined she had been dead for five days.

Police found Yuan sitting nearby in a state of stress. He told police he had gone to the night entertainment complex on Walking Strand and picked up the woman during the past week. He paid the barfine and took her to his room.

After finishing, he said the woman wanted to leave, but Yuan disagreed. The argument led to a fight, which led to him strangling her to death.

After committing the murder, he said he tried to commit suicide by drinking poison, but was unsuccessful. An unknown individual found him and sent him to a hospital without knowing that the corpse was inside the room.

After he was discharged from the hospital, Yuan returned to his room and opened the door, which released the smell, whereupon police were notified.

Yuan has been remanded to custody.

The woman’s body has been taken to the Forensic Science Institute for autopsy and to try and determine her identity.

Police ask, if anyone has a friend or relative who is missing who might fit the description, please contact Pattaya Police.

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