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Handicapped man found hanging, Police believe suicide

In the case of Mr Kisana Bahardu, the twenty-three year old handicapped Mayanmar national who apparently committed suicide at the weekend, Pattaya police have released the man they considered to be possibly connected.

Twenty-nine year old Mr Ropar, also a Myanmar national, had been identified by the victim’s brother as the man who had been bullying the victim in the weeks prior to the hanging.

Investigating officers have found no evidence connecting him to the incident and released him last night.

Mr Hemala Khanal, the Assistant to Thai-Napali Association, Pattaya Branch, said that the victim lived at Fly Bird Condominium and currently did not have any work. With a wife and one-month old baby to provide for he usually had to rely on hand outs from his elder brother.

Consequently he frequently turned to crime as a means of finding an income. This has led to some hostility within the Myanmar community.

On September 21st, he said, the brothers had a fight which led to the victim being thrown out of the house they shared.

On September 28 he was seen riding on his bicycle at 3am and then not seen at all, by anybody, until his body was found hanging from a coconut tree on October 1st.

This evidence has led the police to believe that suicide and not murder was the cause of death.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

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