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Police raid short time hotels in Pattaya and find nothing illegal

On Friday police in Pattaya raided several small motels, hotels and short-time rooms to crack down on illegal acts for the Valentines day period.

The raid was part of a crackdown nationwide by police, as valentines day is not just a time for red roses, and short time rooms are normally fully booked.

Throughout the country, police visited many motels, hotels and short-time rooms to make sure the owners of these places had not rented rooms to teenagers under the age of 20 and that no other form of sexual crimes had been taking place.

Critics said the annual inspection had been only a moral exercise to crack down on underage sex or to educate teenagers on the importance of safe sex.

A warning has been issued by the police for hotel owners, that renting out rooms to underage couples will have serious consequences.

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