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Police poised to introduce driving points

The police are getting closer to linking their computer networks to marry speed and traffic cameras, and traffic tickets with vehicle registration data, making it possible to start automating fines in the hope of having a more thorough and accurate penalty system.


The Royal Thai Police say they plan to introduce a penalty point system to deal with traffic offences in an effort to improve road safety.

The assistant police chief, Pol Lt-Gen Natthorn Prohsunthorn, said efforts must be made to amend traffic laws, since the current penalties are considered too lenient and do not improve traffic offenders’ driving habits.

Natthorn said police are in the process of linking traffic offences to a demerit point system, which the authorities would consider when renewing a driver’s licence. He said it is unclear when the new system would be introduced.

Each driver would start with a full 12 points and lose one point for each infringement. When they lose all their points, the offender would have their licence suspended for 90 days.

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