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Police officer rescues man from subway tracks (VIDEO)

A man who collapsed on subway tracks in New York City was pulled to safety by a police officer and a bystander. 

A video shows Jessey Branch, 60, lying on the tracks at the station in the Bronx after he had a seizure on Wednesday.

Officer Lupen Lopez then jumps down and begins to help him up before a member of the public joins him.

Together they pull Branch back on to the platform while other officers alert the train driver, who was able to slow down. 

Office Lopez told ABC’s Eyewitness News: ‘Without even thinking we all responded the way we were trained to.’

Branch, who is recovering in hospital, said he remembers he was heading to meet a friend before waking up on the way to A&E.

He said: ‘I feel very grateful that they were there to help me.’

Branch’s daughter Nikita also thanked officer Lopez, adding. ‘That was the nicest thing that somebody did for an elderly sickly man and if I was there I would’ve shook his hand.’

The New York Police Department (NYPD) praised the officer and bystander who intervened, saying in a statement: ‘NYPD cops help New Yorkers at any cost!

‘When a sick strap hanger lost consciousness and fell on the subway tracks in the Bronx, @NYPDTransit officers didn’t hesitate for a moment to put his safety ahead of their own.

‘We’re also grateful to the Good Samaritan who bravely helped.’


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