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Police hunt woman who filmed herself forcing pet dogs to perform oral sex on her

Police hunt

Police were today hunting a housewife accused of animal cruelty by making her pet dogs perform oral sex on her.

Footage of the middle-aged woman tricking the pooches into the disgusting acts emerged last week during the Covid-19 coronavirus shut down in Korat, northeast Thailand.

Several videos of the woman – all recorded by herself – show the mutts licking her genitals and breasts. She appears to put a liquid solution on her body to attract the dogs and then holds their heads in her crotch.

The housewife reportedly shared the videos online prompting an angry backlash from locals who said the dogs were being abused.

Officers from the Nong Sun district police station began hunting the woman last week by they said they were unable to find.

Villagers reportedly said that they did not recognise the woman in the videos, despite the evidence from social media that she lived in the region.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Weeradech Lekhaworrakul said they are still searching for the woman and plan to charge her for violating Thailand’s Computer Crime Act for allegedly posting the degrading videos online.

The police chief said: “Her behaviour was against the Thai computer laws for publishing pornographic content online so we need to find her to charge her for that.

”It’s also important to find the dogs to ensure they are being properly cared for and they are not being abused as she may also be charged with animal cruelty.”

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