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Places in the world that will PAY YOU to live there

Places in the world that will PAY YOU to live there

Places in the world that will PAY YOU to live there

Stunning destinations around the world that will pay YOU up to £32k to move there.

BEFORE you choose where to move to next, consider looking further afield – as it could just help your bank balance.

A number of destinations around the world are paying people to live and work there – and some locations are even on beautiful islands and top tourist destinations.

Many of the locations are looking to increase their dwindling population, be it through young couples or families.

Others are hoping to improve a certain industry and create more jobs by attracting people such as entrepreneurs or startup founders

Some are even offering up to £32,000 for you to move to a new location, with beautiful countries such as Italy, Greece and the US on the list.

We’ve rounded up some of the best places to move to – and where you can make money by doing it.

Antikythera, Greece

The island of Antikythera is looking for more people to live there, as the younger population is leaving for more job opportunities on the busier Greek islands.

Located between Crete and Kythira, it is 45 minutes by plane from Athens.

The remote isle is home to just 24 people – which increases to 40 people during the summer.

The island is planning to offer €500 (£450) per month for three years to people who move there, which works out to £16,200 over the three years.

Candela, Italy

Candela, a tiny town in Puglia, is offering up to €2,000 (£1,800) for people to move there after the population has dropped from 8,000 to just 2,700 people.

How much you would receive depends on who you are moving with – it’s €800 (£723) for single people, €1,200

(£1,085) for couples, up to €1,800 (£1,600) for three-person families and €2,000 (£1,800) for four-person families.

The only catch is you must become a resident, along with a house and a job of at least €7,500 (£6,700) a year.

Sicily, Italy

Also in Italy, Sicily recently offered homes for just €1 (90p), with the only catch being the amount you need to spend to renovate them.

While they’re not quite giving you money, they are giving you a huge discount on homes.

The Palermo homes are in need of TLC though, meaning at least €15,000 (£13,500) must be spent to refurbish them.

You also have to do it within three years.

It isn’t the first time this has been done – Sardinia also tried the same scheme last year.

Vermont, US

The state of Vermont has one of the lowest populations in the US, which is why they are hoping to lure remote workers to the area.

Their Remote Worker Grant scheme will offer applicants $5,000 (£4,000) every year for two years to live there – working out to $10,000 (£8,000) to cover moving to the area.

The lucky applicants must become a full time resident of the state to be eligible.

Tulsa, US

Tulsa is also struggling with population numbers, and has a similar remote worker programme.

The second city of Oklahoma will offer you $10,000 (£8,000) upfront to get there, as well as a desk at a co-working office and a monthly housing stipend.

As long as you are at least 18 years old and can work self-employed in the US, you are eligible.

Santiago, Chile

The best offer to move abroad is to Santiago in Chile – which is offering $40,000 (£32,700) to move there.

The government wants tech entrepreneurs to launch their business there, with the Start-Up Chile programme looking for female founders and founders with companies less than three years old.

The offer also includes a year-long work visa as well as a free co-working space.

Maine, US

While they won’t pay you to move there, Maine is tackling the problem of student debt.

For example, the tax relief scheme works so that if you pay $2,500 (£2,000) in tax and $2,000 (£1,600) in student debt, you would only pay that $500 (£400) difference.

In effect, they are paying your student debt for you.

STEM graduates would be given money back from the government if they pay more of their loan than their taxes.

You could be paid £3,000 per month to live on an island in Chile while working as a conservationist.

Lady Kristyna Drummond-Hay wanted six students to work alongside her, with meals included.

One family were offering the dream job – to be paid £80,000 taking photographs of their travels.




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