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Phuket ,Danish resident missing for 6 years

Carl Drewsen a Danish citizen and Phuket resident has been missing for about 6 years.

Ever since the day he disappeared in December 2015, neither family, friends nor colleagues have heard from him. There is no indication if he is still alive.

Carl is a butcher of trade and used to work in Denmark on “Grøntorvet” (The green square), a wet market in central Copenhagen.

He would often visit Thailand with a close friend and coworker.

The two would usually stay in Phuket at the now closed “Big A Resort” in Rawai, Phuket. Carl and his friend enjoyed their time in Thailand very much and wanted to move there permanently. 

When the owner of the Big A Resort, Thomas Flindt, offered them a job at his restaurant “Rundetaarn” in Patong, they both accepted the offer, pulled up stakes and moved to Phuket in 2014.

In Phuket, Carl was working in the kitchen of the Rundetaarn restaurant a popular hangout place for the Danish community in Phuket.

In the beginning, all was going well but the temptations of the close by Bangla Road party street started affecting the work.

According to Thomas, Carl began partying too much which eventually made him neglect his work at the restaurant.

At the same time, Carl met a Thai woman, Sirikanya, that he entered into a relationship with.

Together with her, Carl also started gambling.  Ultimately, Carl’s lack of attention to his work forced his employer to terminate the employment.

On the 30 December 2015, Thomas went to Carl’s home to tell him that their cooperation was over and asked him to hand over the keys for the restaurant. A few hours later, Carl disappeared.

Thomas Flindt believes that a leading factor behind his disappearance could be money problems.

Carl was rumoured to be in debt to different people, and this could have prompted him to go into hiding.

Thomas, who still has a copy of Carl’s passport, have checked with the immigration office and there was at that time no record of Carl leaving Thailand.

Thomas has likewise used his network around Thailand to enquire if anyone has spotted Carl in another part of Thailand but so far nobody has seen anything of him.

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