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Pheu Thai party claim current government has created more problems for Thai Nation

Pheu Thai party claim current government has created more problems for Thai Nation

Pheu Thai Party on Thursday issued a statement slamming the National Council for Peace and Order and the junta government as having lost legitimacy to rule the country. It called on the junta to return power to the people.

The junta staged a coup in 2014 to solve the nation’s longstanding problems on behalf of the people, but have been unable to resolve them, said the party. Instead, the military-supported government has created new issues that would become future crises. Pheu Thai said people’s rights and freedoms have been restricted as the junta and its head exercised their powers to issue orders.

They have also appointed their people to sit on various so-called independent organisations, with the result that they are not independent but rather under the junta’s influence. They had also resorted to various means to cling to power, including drafting the charter with various elements deemed to support the junta including the appointed of senators after the upcoming election, changes to the electoral system, and other measures.

Pheu Thai charged that he junta government does not respect the charter, as evidenced by their order to amend the political party law. They have failed in various fields of problem solving, the party said. For example, the NCPO and junta government have themselves become a party to conflict amid an environment of conflict and had thus failed to help solve conflict and forge reconciliation.

In the meantime, they have failed to solve economic woes, while corruption has continuously been in the news, reflecting its failure to tackle corruption. Some corruption allegations have been put to an end quickly without serous probes, the party claimed.

The junta leader, Pheu Thai said, has a credibility crisis as he cannot live up to his word. The party noted that the junta leader, Prayut Chan-o-cha, once said he would not stage a coup, but he did. He had also repeatedly denied that he was a politician before admitting later that he is, the party said.

In the party’s view, the junta and the government are not sincere about returning power to the people. It viewed that along with other “rivers”, there was a conspiracy to prolong power. It is yet more proof that a coup to topple democracy cannot solve the country’s problems, said the party. On the contrary, it has created a problem for the country. And so, concluded the party, it is calling on the junta to return power to the people as fast as possible.

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