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People can register as many marijuana plants as they want

According to Thailand’s health minister and medical marijuana pioneer Anutin Charnvirakul, people would be able to grow “as many cannabis plants” as they like in their own homes starting June 9.

However, if you don’t read the fine print, you could end up in legal trouble. The fine print, as usual, is perplexing.

To summarize, don’t start growing and smoking high-grade marijuana in Thailand just yet.

The plants must be “medical grade cannabis” that will only be utilized for medicinal purposes. It is illegal to grow marijuana for recreational purposes.

You must first notify the authorities.

People will not need to register to grow weed at home, according to Anutin, but they should alert the authorities so that Thailand can comply with international treaty standards.

There are now no clear guidelines on how one establishes their cannabis plant will be used for medical purposes, or which authorities must be notified and how.

Anutin should be able to extrapolate on these points by June 9.

The health minister reminded everyone at Anutin’s latest medicinal marijuana conference at Sisaket Rajabhat University that marijuana was removed from the list of prohibited substances in February.

In Thailand, it is now permitted for registered businesses to sell marijuana products containing less than 0.2 percent THC.

Anutin hasn’t said whether or not the THC level of homegrown plants can or should be regulated.

Anutin’s face continues to appear in Thai media, and marijuana remains a hot topic.

On the basis of his pro-marijuana program, his Bhumjaithai Party was elected to parliament with 51 MPs and 10% of the vote in the last election.

Thailand’s reforms on cannabis growing and usage are solely motivated by the ruling Palang Pracharat party’s need to appease their partner.

Please use it in the right way. and help to look after Social friends use it in the wrong way. In addition, Mr. Anutin confirmed that on June 9, 65 people notified.

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