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Pattaya’s finest on FULL ALERT after Bangkok bombings

Pattaya police reacted to Friday’s Bangkok bombings in decisive fashion by sending out TWENTY officers to patrol the city.

According to local news reports they were issued with ’emergency instructions’ to look for trouble that might affect tourists and residents.

However, after inspecting potential danger areas along with the famous red-light districts of Walking Street and LK Metro they found very few people at all, let alone any trouble makers.

Satisfied there was no immediate terror threat they were instead ordered to set up ’emergency roadblocks’ all across the resort.

The one checkpoint reporters eventually discovered was discreetly located outside Big C on the main Sukhumvit Road.

Cars and vans were searched for weapons and drugs although nothing untoward was found.

Those who were carrying drugs and guns were supposed to sit and wait patiently for their police search rather dart into one of the many side-sois that allowed them to make a crafty escape.

Which more than makes up for the long delays and inconvenience suffered by the rest of us who were trying to make our way home for the weekend.


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