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Video: Pattaya thief caught by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert

Pattaya thief caught by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert

This is the moment a man discovered he made a massive mistake after allegedly stealing valuables from tourists and expats in Pattaya.

On Wednesday, Andrea Sinyorini, who runs Jomtien Sauna, shared a video on his Facebook page of him putting a man in a choke hold.

It’s alleged the man had been stealing valuables from guests at the sauna.

When Andrea, who is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu expert was aware of the theft, he apprehended the man, keeping him pinned to the ground until the police arrived.

“This is what happen (sic) to bad people stealing from good, honest people under my roof, they get choked and arrested, Andrea said in the Facebook post.

“Don’t come to Thailand to break the law and disturb the peace and don’t mess with Italians who knows jiujitsu.” People commenting on the video were full of praise for Andrea, who trains Jiu Jitsu every day at a gym in Pattaya.

In another update, Andrea wrote:

“The cops arrested him, took him to police station and the money stolen was returned. Sadly, I think the thief is free now but I don’t care, I focus on positives, I’ll be off training with a super black belt champion from Brazil in 10 minutes, then I’ll see my customers in sauna and my students in my gym, gonna be a great day, I have a beautiful family and I thank you all for the support, thank you”


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