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Pattaya roads COLLAPSE after cable burying works

Pattaya roads COLLAPSE

Pattaya is pointing an accusatory finger at the Provincial Electricity Authority over subsidence of two city roads where the utility recently buried power and utility lines.

Deputy City Manager Worapol Pongmalee and top engineering, construction and traffic officials inspected the collapsed sections of Sukhumvit Road in front of the King Power duty-free shop and Central Road by the Pra Dul Market.

Soil under both sections of roads subsided, causing the road surface to collapse into large holes.

Both areas were cordoned off with Pattaya pledging swift repairs.

Both sections of subsided roadway had been dug up by the PEA to bury power lines, utility cables and lay water pipes.

City officials alleged shoddy workmanship by PEA contractors, causing both roads to collapse.

Pattaya officials said they would call the PEA in for a meeting to discuss the collapses.

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