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Pattaya restaurants urge reopening as deliveries don’t deliver profits

As with many restaurants in Pattaya that have had to close because of the spread of the virus, they can not survive on people ordering take-out. Restaurants have now banded together to ask officials to relax the pandemic-control measures so that they may be able to reopen so that they can start earning money again

Sombat Thongkumban who is the owner of Muang Chon Chicken Rice has said that he and other restaurants have obeyed the laws and guidelines to close their businesses and have staff wear masks, use hand gels however the business plunge the minute customers could not come inside to eat but their expenses have stayed the same.

another owner who has the Je To Noodle Restaurant has sais that their sales are now at 10 per cent of what they were before and as noodles do not travel well many of the items on the menu have had to be taken off.

Many restaurants in Pattaya, Bangkok and other areas have tried to survive using food-delivery applications. But after the first month, when the services began to pay out the restaurants share of the revenue, owners realized it wasn’t worth it: the delivery services takes as much as 45 percent of a sale, making it cheaper to close than try to stay open and rely on deliveries.

The only hope, restaurateurs say, is for Chonburi to lift the closure order for restaurants so they can reopen, even with strict safety measures.

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