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Pattaya Police Conduct Routine Inspections, Find No Violations

Pattaya Police Conduct Nightclub Inspections

Pattaya police conducted thorough inspections of entertainment venues across the city on June 12th, uncovering no illicit activities. Prompted by orders from Pattaya Police Chief Pol. Col. Navin Teerawit, the operation aimed to uphold public safety and deter crime.

Teams of officers visited various establishments, including the nightclub “Yes Pattaya,” where a large gathering was observed around 2:30 A.M. The venue was instructed to cease operations, turn off music, and illuminate the premises. All patrons and staff underwent ID checks and drug urine tests, which yielded no underage individuals or traces of illegal substances. Vehicle searches outside also revealed no illicit items.

Similar inspections at other nightlife spots found no evidence of wrongdoing. Despite this, all venues were instructed to close for the night due to exceeding legal operating hours.

These inspections follow a series of recent raids primarily targeting local nightclubs. The crackdown intensified after a significant operation at Dirty Pub resulted in the arrest of over 200 individuals for drug-related offenses.

Pattaya Police Conduct Nightclub Inspections

Credit: The Pattaya News

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