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Pattaya Motorbike Taxis New Regulations

At 3pm, on the afternoon of September 28, Pattaya administration officers visited six location around the city to enforce seven strict new measures for Public Transport Motorcycle Taxis.

If any of these seven new rules are broken taxi drivers will be fined in the future. These include keeping rest areas tidy and free of litter.

The seven new rules are;

1. fares and charges must be clearly displayed.
2. Drivers must not rest or wait in a way that causes a street obstruction.
3. No drinking whilst operating taxi.
4. No gambling whilst waiting for customers
5. No yelling or clapping for customers attention.
6. Carrying of ID cards at all times.
7. No over-charging passengers

There was no mention made of the condition or road worthiness of their motorbikes.

Report by Pattaya One News Team

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