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Pattaya Lockdown to be enforced on Thursday April 16

Pattaya Lockdown

Pattaya Lockdown to be enforced on Thursday April 16

After the dismal failure of the first Pattaya Lockdown last week, plans are now in place to implement the second attempt to close and control all entrees into Pattaya City commencing on Thursday April 16 at 14.00 hrs.

The move is in line with Chonburi Governor’s orders to control the movements of the population so as to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) entering or leaving Pattaya city center.

Before the lockdown goes into full operation, a trial run will be conducted on Wednesday April 15, between 15.00-18.00 hrs.

At the end of the trial lockdown, officers concerned will convene a meeting at city hall at 19.00 hrs to evaluate whether any changes or improvements to the operations would be needed.

The checkpoints for entry into Pattaya City proper will be setup at the following 8 locations.

1. In front of Maryvit School, Sukhumvit Road.

2. In front of Mini Siam, Sukhumvit Road.

3. North Pattaya intersection, Sukhumvit Road.

4. Central Pattaya intersection, Sukhumvit Road.

5. South Pattaya intersection, Sukhumvit Road.

6. Thepprasit Road intersection, Sukhumvit Road.

7. Wat Boon Kanjanaram intersection, Sukhumvit Road.

8. District Attorney intersection (Huay Yai) Sukhumvit Rd, Inbound direction.

It is recommended that people coming from Sattahip who wish to bypass Pattaya, should turn onto Highway 332 at Che Intersection to avoid checkpoint no. 8.

To pass the checkpoint a Thai national must carry an A4 sized photocopy of their ID card, so the officer will be able to read it easily and not have to touch the person’s ID card. But if the A4 copy is not convenient, the person must show his/her original ID card or a normal photocopy.

The same process goes for foreigners who must show their passports or photocopies and other relevant documents as above.

In case of the person renting a house or apartment in Pattaya, a copy of the ID card of the landlord with a letter confirming that the person is a tenant of his/her residence in Pattaya must be shown. A telephone number of the landlord must also be provided.

In case the person must visit a doctor or a hospital, a letter of appointment will suffice.

As before those who must pass through these checkpoints to work in Pattaya must show proof of their government service, proof of being an official of an organization, and workplace unit identity card to the officers at the checkpoints.

Those who do not have an ID card must request the organization where they work to issue them an official form stating full name, ID card number, telephone number, name of organization, position of their work, address of organization and must be signed by the head of the organization.

The forms needed to pass through the checkpoints can be picked up at the checkpoints or at Pattaya City Hall.

You can also download them in English and Thai. See below:

English language Form

Thai language Form

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