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Pattaya Expats Club – Next Meeting

Pattaya Expats Club

PEC Meeting Program
(9:45 Buffet – 11:30 Program Start)
Friday, 6 November 2020
This week’s Meeting is in the ‘Beach Quarter Events Space’ Building.
This is the old ‘Mantra’ restaurant in the North/West corner of the Amari Resort.
More info here
Our Principal Speaker is . . .
Adam Judd
Chief Editor of the Pattaya News English online website )

The Pattaya News is your number one source for Real, Unbiased and In the moment breaking news based in Pattaya.
We focus on the latest news in and around Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Adam Judd has been Chief Editor of this online news website since December, 2017. He is originally from Washington D.C., America. His background is in HR and Operations and has written about news and Thailand for a decade now.
He has lived in Pattaya for over five and a half years as a full-time resident, is well known locally and has visited Thailand regularly for over a decade.

Contact information:
Stories please email: [email protected]
About Us:

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Whatever topics are on people’s minds as we continue to reshape our vision of the new normal.
Come ready to share your thoughts and experiences over the past few months and connect with our fellow members.
– – – –

Meeting Manager
Dan Schwartz
– – – –
News and Notices
Niels Colov
(plus occasional guests)
– – – –
Open Mic Forum – Q&A Feature
Steve Kendall
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NEWS… Thai social group ‘Blooming Roses’usually hold Meditation events at Holiday Inn Hotel (now temporarily closed). Middle Way meditation institute director Ven Burin has a daily teach-in on ‘YouTube live’, 7pm Thai time.
(A poster mentions the NYC time where he is based.) See ( HERE )
– – – –
Another Meditation Teacher (LP Sander from Holland) is producing an online series, connected to the same local group.
For more information, and how to view this resource (SEE HERE)
–  –  –  –

And… Friday, 13 November 2020
Our Featured Speaker is . .
James Newport

Dark Christmas

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PEC Meeting Day
Every Friday
Meeting location and timing click here

(since January 2020)
To a new location for our Pattaya Expats Club meetings

At the NORTH END of Pattaya Beach Road
Please follow link for more location info
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NEWS…  PEC Friday Meeting entry pricing has recently changed – Please check the current pricing structure for Membership, Hotel Buffet and Meeting Room on our ‘Home-page’, click HERE.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

PEC Meeting Managers
Jahir Khan, Peter Anders and Dan Schwartz
Plan the meetings and link the program announcements.
– – – –

Information on recent
‘Principal Speakers’
at our Friday Meetings
– – – –

Amari Hotel Resort, Beach Road Pattaya
Doors open 09:45am
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NEWS: We would like to welcome a new SPONSOR
‘Cornerstone Real Estate‘
–  –  –  –

NEWS: Update to our  VISA page  Link to VISA page
–  –  –  –

Richard Ravensdale
For more information – click here
–  –  –  –

Pattaya People Television program (PPMG) has moved to TMN (Tipmanee Media Network).
Now playing every day on the Movie1 Channel.
(Analog Channel 49 and Digital Channel 600).
4 times per day:- 11.00, 13.00, 16,00 and 20,00

It is totally FREE to watch the “Pattaya People TV” channel on your phone or computer.
Connect 24 hours a day to our worldwide IPTV broadcast of the “Pattaya People TV”
Put this link into your Smart-phone:
Open VLC media player on your computer. Select menue MEDIA > Network Stream > Network. Enter this link: > & press play.
–  –  –  –

NEWS: PEC membership helps to defray our meeting costs, and allows your numbered ticket to be included in our regular ‘Lucky Draw’.
Various local prizes are donated to the Draw from our community. 

A current membership card must be shown to claim a prize.

Current Entry-fees for Meeting, and Hotel Buffet, are shown on our ‘Home-Page’ here:
–  –  –  –

NEWS. British Nationals of Pattaya Expats Club, having received a pension “Proof of Life Certificate” & wanting it witnessed, please follow this link
–  –  –  –

NEWS. After recent changes to Immigration & Embassy rules our Visa Info Page has some information provided by our Member’s actual experiences.
–  –  –  –

NEWS.. A page on our Website is an updated ‘Last Will and Testament (Thailand)’, thanks to Kelvin Bamfield, CEO of Thai888 (Law Company)   +66 (0) 8 0102 8978.
Link:  last-will-and-testament-thailand/
– – – –

Our meeting venue is
The Amari Hotel
Current Entry-fees for Meeting, and Hotel Buffet, are shown
on our ‘Home page’ here:

Phyathai Sriracha Hospital
Special monthly health check up promotions available’
– – – –

Pattaya City Hospital
Special Packages change each Month
– – – –

PEC Finance Reports now available on-line:
– – – –

The Thai Consulate, Birmingham (UK)
– – – –

When you attend our meetings, or pick one up from the Office.
Please show valid PEC ID. More info here
– – – –

Please…  Remember our venue is an operating hotel. Our meeting area is only available to us at the posted times. Other parties may be using the outer lobby areas, so please do not show up and queue early for the meeting.  If you do arrive early please do not crowd the lobby near the entrance.
The WiFi Internet usage in the meeting area is free and we will announce the connection details.
– – – –
Collecting Your ‘PEC Member’ Lucky Draw Prize.
PEC Meeting Managers have decided that irrespective of the Manager knowing a club regular to be a member and recalling seeing a Winners membership card before – ALL MUST SHOW A CARD each time to claim their prize.
So please bring your member card to the club each meeting.
– – – –
The Duty Meeting Managers plan the meetings and link the program announcements – give them any program content you’d like to include on the day and, as they each represent our Board of Trustees, bring to their attention any club policy matters.
– – – –
Open Mic Forum
Each week one of our Team will introduce the interactive discussion session.
A lively mutual exchange of information, with a little humor and advice from Asia hands and ‘ex-pats’ in the meeting room.
This is PEC’s Forum segment, for all those practical questions on life in Thailand in general, and Fun-Town in particular, along with any news and recommendations you may wish to share (PLEASE BE AWARE OF THAILAND’S LAWS ON DEFAMATION).  During this session if you are new in town or to the meeting, feel free to introduce yourself to the group and ask any questions you may have.

Club TV Reports
Our PEC weekly meeting content has a generous segment on Pattaya People Television in the form of an Interview with the Speaker, shown on TMN Cable here in our local area.
Some past Interviews are available on YouTube . . .
And on Pattaya People website . . .
– – – –
Please suggest Main Feature Speakers for our weekly Meetings 
contact PEC’s Programme Manager,
Dan Schwartz ([email protected])

Give your suggested ‘lead’, with contact info, but please do not fix dates in advance. Please do so as soon as possible, we need ‘lead time’ to arrange dates.
(Next available date is: 11 December 2020).
* * *

In the main lobby are our Sponsors, with information and staff representing their businesses.
All information from their representatives during this time is free to Members.

Although some PEC Sponsors request a table in the lobby prior to the start of our Meetings, we cannot guarantee their attendance.
Here are their formal business contact details.

Our Newest Sponsor PLANTATIONS INTERNATIONAL is a multinational plantation and farm management company whose specialty is in providing sustainable agricultural and forestry “agroforestry” management services for its clients. Plantations International has clients ranging from private individuals to large land holders and institutional investors, we put teamwork, innovation and our passion for creating “ethical & sustainable capital” at the heart of everything we do.

Plantations International has extensive Agarwood Tree Plantations in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia and is a market leader in Agarwood cultivation in South east Asia. The worldwide demand for Agarwood derived products is currently over USD 12 Billion Annually and is expected to increase significantly over the next decade.
“Markets Go Up and Down, But Trees Keep on Growing”
To Learn More, Download Free Prospectus at: Plantations International

PATTAYA INSURANCE CENTRE – (New Office on 3rd Road – opposite Diamond Badminton) K. Neng on 08 4003 6030, Medical, accident, car, motorcycle, house, condo, boat, shop, office and travel cover.
Special (PEC discount) medical scheme for PEC Members.
NEW (Pacific Cross) Health Insurance – Standard and Higher cover,
initial application up to 80 years of age (renewal through to 99 yrs).
Various other policy types available. – [email protected]

PATTAYA SERVICE CENTRE Travel – Jahir on 086 394 0863, [email protected]
For Tours & Travel – air tickets, package tours. Property sales & rentals. Business services, company formations, contracts, work permits, visa, accounting. Legal civil / criminal litigation and Notary services.

PATTAYA INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL – Soi 4 on 2nd Road, 038 428 374
Regular FREE testing of blood group and pressure, and on the first Meeting of each month blood-sugar level tests.
(A blood sugar test requires fasting for 8 hours prior to the test)

For legal query and free advice from lawyer Khun Suthipong Trakulsak. 038-413616, or 081-914 8193 & 089-831-9860. 62/195 Moo 10, Thepprasit Road Soi 8.

KEY VISA Co Ltd – Darren McGarry, 08 1004 5397,
Free advice on expats’ Immigration queries. A service, handling UK Passport renewal – approved by the UK Embassy. Now at a more centralized location, directly opposite the car park entrance of BIG C in South Pattaya. Skype account at:  KEYVISACO.

AA INSURANCE – The PEC’s own ‘low cost group health policy’, available alongside many other types of Insurance. If it can be insured we will insure it. Home, condo, car, motorbike, health and life here in Thailand is all in a days work for us.
038-415795, or [email protected]  or

ABSOLUTE HEALTH CLINIC – (on North Road) offer high tech treatments for chronic pain reduction without surgery. Sometimes pain from injuries can be treated with only painkillers and physical therapies, but if it persists there are modern Magnetic and Shock Wave high-tech pain treatments.
Absolute Health Regenerative Clinic Pattaya แอ็บโซลูท เฮลธ์ พัทยา
The office 159/273 N Pattaya Rd, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand
(Location GPS: 12.950596, 100.899181)
Tel: 038 423 213  &  081 755 6121

–  –  –  –  –  –

New PEC Membership is just 750 Baht (for first 2-years), and only by personal application at any meeting of the Club.  This joining fee provides a Photo-ID-Card.
Our membership table is open at the meeting from approximately 0945am to 1115am.
Please click for more info ( HERE )

PEC has 5 different ways to get information from our volunteers
For General Inquiries email <[email protected]>.
Or call
Dan on 092 476 1032.
Brian on 089 604 3646.
Jahir on 086 394 0863.

For Legal assistance call Lawyer Khun Suthipong Trakulsak, 081 914 8193,
( (Emergency cover 24/7)

British Embassy – If you require any advice including emergency assistance, please telephone the British Embassy (Consular Section) in Bangkok on 02 305 8333. Go to their website for information. (
Remember visits to the Embassy are now ‘BY APPOINTMENT ONLY‘.
If you are in the UK please call the Foreign and Commonwealth Office London on 020 7008 1500 for assistance.

US Embassy has a separate website with information for all US citizens.

PEC Special Interest Groups– these are all FREE access for those holding a club membership. Some incur costs.

Football in Pattaya – at the state-of-the-art artificial grass stadium, “Planet Football” located on Siam Country Club Road. For more information of what else we offer for children or adults, please contact [email protected] or call 085 157 5186.

Badminton – currently played by some members at Diamond Badminton Centre on Pattaya Third Road, near Soi 17 traffic lights, at 6.30 pm two evenings per week. Ask Meeting Manager Jahir, call him on 086 394 0863, or email [email protected]

Pattaya People Radio
96FM – Seven Decades of Hits,  90.75FM – Sounds of Russia,  91.75FM – Up to date.
Available in Pattaya local area + Worldwide via Pattaya People website, and Phone-App

At our Club Meetings:
Our ‘Club Table’
 (near the ticket sales area) – has copies of recent ‘Pattaya People Magazine‘ available free to members. Also low-cost practical guide booklet on the subject of Thai Wills, death and funeral arrangements has been written by PEC member John Coughtrie, only 20 THB (while stocks last). All sale proceeds (as the print run was sponsored) will go to John’s nominated charity project Thais4life. PEC’s governing Constitution is also publicly available, price 30B.

PEC’s free ‘DVD and Book Swap’ table, is a ‘member to member’ service. Donate stock and take 1:1. Please bring books, magazines and DVD’s you’ve already enjoyed, and swap them. If a DVD fails to work – please dispose. Please be fair – This is a swap initiative! Plus, our take-away Information Centre leaflets, publications and business cards from hundreds of ‘member to member services’ in Pattaya.

Pattaya International Hospital Health Desk has a medical team in our foyer. If unwell, make your way to the Health desk or alert Hotel staff immediately. Hospital admission is just a few minutes away – Pattaya Beach Rd, Soi 4.

Another great reason to be a member and attend Pattaya Expats Club Meetings is that Lucky Draw Prizes are regularly drawn, based on your ticket number.  A Free Entry Ticket for the next week’s meeting (including Buffet) is sometimes included, plus an assortment of donated prizes from our community.  More info here
– – – –

Why not come along to our relaxed Meeting

Meeting location and timing click here

Please dress appropriately for a hotel setting.
Thai culture is governed by respect, so the way you dress reflects how you respect yourself and others.
However we are informal, so short sleeved shirts covering shoulders and chest and shorts are fine.

For location, website & email see:
([email protected])

Register for our weekly (emailed) newsletter, via this page (top-right) where you will see boxes for your name and e-mail address. When you receive a confirming e-mail, click on the link to start receiving the e-newsletter the following Thursday.

PEC’s Other Language Groups – meet at other times and locations…
For full information visit

French Language Pattaya Expats Club.

Finnish Language Pattaya Expats Club. (Meeting from October to March)

English Language Chiang Mai Expats Club (CEC)


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