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Not again – Pattaya “Environmental Disaster Zone II”

Not again – Pattaya “Environmental Disaster Zone II”

No sooner has Pattaya recovered from having the filthiest sea in Thailand than the black sludge and effluent are back.

Now questions are being asked by the media about what happened to a large budget to clean up water treatment at the resort.

What was billed as more of an environmental disaster zone than a high class resort last week, is now back to being a cesspit.

Sophon Cable TV said that yesterday a 300 meter stretch of beach around South Pattaya and the old port area was just as bad as ever.

Shamed into action last week the cleaners of the local authority and the military had been out in force.

Now it looks like they will have to come back to continue to do what many in Pattaya fear will be a recurring theme: “Sticking a plaster on a gaping wound”.

Sophon cable said that the gaping wound is filthy water, pollution and excrement that is pumped into the sea that is just blown back ashore time and again.

They reported that that the area was as bad as ever yesterday and added some caustic comments as toxic as the pollution stating that 60 million baht was meant to have been spent this year on the pollution of the beaches in the area without any results.

This was part of a 27 million baht EEC fund to upgrade the resorts sewage infrastructure topped up to 60 million by the interior ministry.

Questions are being asked as to how this money was spent. Sophon said the work was all meant to have been completed by July.

Source: Thai Visa

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